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Coravin Model Six Ultimate Wine Lovers Pack

The Model Six Ultimate Wine Lovers Pack is the best gift for wine lovers and connoisseurs. We have put together the absolute best of the best of Coravin, with a Coravin Model Six System and select accessories to make sure true wine connoisseurs will have the most complete and indulgent wine experience available yet!

In each lavish set, you’ll find our most exquisite Coravin: The Model Six, the only System in the Coravin line with a selection of stylish colors for a personalized experience. It is also paired with the most discerning accessories and additional Coravin Capsules to keep the wine flowing

Includes 3 Coravin Pure Capsules, 2 Coravin Screwcaps, 1 Carry Case, 1 Aerator, Premium Needle, Premium Pedestal Base, 1 3-Pack of Capsules

Model Six available in red, gray, or black.


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