Weekly Wine Round-Up (#4)

By Winebounty Team. Feb 28, 2021
A great sunset and a great wine. Who could ask for more? This week the 2016 Massolino Barolo

Do Biodynamic Wines Score Higher?

By Winebounty Team. Feb 26, 2021
Consumers have a polarizing relationship with eco-labeled wines.  Some have jumped on the

Weekly Wine Round-Up (#3)

By Winebounty Team. Feb 21, 2021
I've become somewhat of a Sagrantino fanatic over the last six months. I was on the hunt for the

Wine For Whiskey Enthusiasts

By Winebounty Team. Feb 20, 2021
I’ve been known to enjoy a great glass of Whiskey.  Hands down, my go to is Uncle Nearest

Penfolds “California Collection” is here!

By Winebounty Team. Feb 19, 2021
Take a seat so you don't fall over. Ready? Penfolds, is releasing its inaugural creation: The

Weekly Wine Round-Up (#2)

By Winebounty Team. Feb 13, 2021
Did a tasting this week with a friend who isn't a fan of Pinot Noir; finding them to be less

Put A Cork in Covid

By Winebounty Team. Feb 10, 2021
The debate over wine’s health benefits has raged on for years.  Adding to that debate is

Weekly Wine Round-Up (#1)

By Winebounty Team. Feb 06, 2021
So, we've decided to start a fun new weekly blog entry where we share with you the every day (and

Wine Bounty January 2021 Recap

By Winebounty Team. Feb 04, 2021
Happy February Everyone!  Here’s our monthly roundup highlighting key figures and bottles

Top 10 Value Wines of 2020

By Winebounty Team. Jan 30, 2021
Before 2020 is beyond the rearview mirror, we at Wine Bounty thought it would be useful to

American Airlines Flagship Cellars

By Winebounty Team. Jan 23, 2021
Something special is no longer just in the air.  This week, American Airlines announced it has

Costco Whites (January 2021)

By Winebounty Team. Jan 16, 2021
Your interest in our Costco Reds blog last week was amazing.  Thanks for all of those who