by Winebounty Team| Apr 10, 2020

Last Bottle recently held a “Marathon Madness” sales event.  No, it’s not like they force you to run miles, splashing wine in your face, and succumb to leg cramps (that only happens in France), but stamina is definitely a requirement.  The sales event lasted two days, from 9 a.m. (PDT) on April 2nd to around 9 a.m. (PDT) on April 4th.  Marathon sales have fallen in vogue with Flash Sale sites recently and we can see why – it’s a great way to unload inventory to make room for new bottles.  The process is fairly standard across sites:

STEP 1.  The online retailer will announce in advance (usually 1-3 weeks) that a Marathon sale is coming.

STEP 2.  Make sure you have a valid account set up with the site.  This includes username, password, shipping address, billing address, and credit card already on file.  Waiting to sign up once you see a bottle you want will almost certainly guarantee the wine will sell out before you finish the transaction.

STEP 3.  When the Marathon sale starts, be prepared to refresh your browser frequently.  The site will typically post a single bottle at a time and once it sells out, they will post another.  While this is the normal process for Flash Sale sites, the Marathon sale will happen at lightning speed (sometimes a new bottle every 10 seconds!).  Remember, the retailer is liquidating wine, which could mean they only have a few bottles (or even a single bottle) left in stock.  This is how a Marathon sale gets through 700+ offers in two days!  To help you avoid Carpal Tunnel, there are a few helpful tools available on the Internet to do the refreshing for you, including Refresh This.  It’s a great tool that allows you to plug in any site and select how often you want the site to refresh in your browser.

STEP 4.  When you see a bottle you want, BUY IT IMMEDIATELY.  Do not think too long or it will be gone.  The bottle is not yours until you COMPLETE the transaction; holding it in your cart will not save you.  And keep in mind, SHIPPING IS FREE across all orders during a Marathon sale, so load up. 

STEP 5.  You may have to wait for the wine to arrive (usually 4-6 weeks).  The retailer will be packing and shipping a huge number of bottles so it may take slightly longer than normal.  But the savings is well worth it and a great way to stock up.  

STEP 6.  Enjoy the wine when it arrives and take comfort in knowing you got a great deal on a great bottle of wine.

Speaking of deals, here’s a recap of what was offered during Last Bottles’ Marathon Madness Sale.  As far as we can tell, Wine Bounty is the only site that kept track of virtually all bottles that cycled through Last Bottle at lightning speed.  To see which bottles you missed, just go to Wine Bounty’s Past Deals page and filter for Last Bottle (which we’ve conveniently done for you here).  The default setting is chronological order.  Happy Hunting!

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