by Winebounty Team| Mar 20, 2020

Life has taken an unexpected turn for us — personally, professionally, and as a society.  It has brought out varying emotions as we process the current norm and figure out a way forward. 

Undeniably, many of us are facing struggles we have not had to face, but this collective experience has also brought out something refreshing – humanity.  Many of us autopilot through the rat race of life – long days at work, even longer commutes, taxing caregiver responsibilities, and the daily challenges to find balance between work, life, pleasure, and sleep (because let’s face it, “life” doesn’t always include pleasure or sleep!). 

Yes, the COVID-19 flag abruptly planted in each community sent shockwaves that brought out the worst in some.  But, views are evolving.  As shelter-in-place becomes mainstream, we are being forced to slow down.  And as we slow down, we start to see everything that we’ve been speeding past.  My social media feed is now filled with parents and children doing creative home schooling together, enjoying a sunny day in their backyard, or taking a long walk.  I’ve seen more pictures of sunsets and nature and artwork than in previous years combined.  Individuals and families are cooking meals from scratch and sharing them virtually or in person with immediate family. Neighbors are offering to pick up groceries for each other, particularly for those most at risk of exposure.  Children are using social media to see and talk to friends rather than text quick Emojis and loaded comments.  And there are calls to action to support local restaurants through delivery or takeout.

Let’s use this time to reconnect with each other, with your family, with your children, with your partner.  Put down your phones that chime with constant news alerts, take a deep breath, find something to laugh about (it’s okay to laugh), hug your family (it’s okay to hug those living with you and FaceTime – or even a phone call – can be a great virtual hug), and do something that you’ve always wanted to do at your house but never had the time.  You have the time and who knows when you’ll have it again.

Something that I’ve always wanted to do is open an amazing bottle of wine from my cellar and share it with my wife.  Many collectors always wait, treasuring the bottle in perfect form, dreaming of how great it must be but never daring to pop the cork.  We always say, “I’m saving it for a special occasion”, but what this experience has taught me is that life and the simple moments are special.  We don’t have to plant artificial markers to justify an empty bottle of 2012 SCARECROW.  Wine was made to drink.  And if your comfort level requires baby steps, there’s always a Coravin

So tonight, I am going to my cellar and pulling out that 2012 SCARECROW.  And I am going to experience it with my wife.  We don’t need a defined special moment or day; we will make our own and I encourage you to do the same.

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