by Winebounty Team| Feb 10, 2021

The debate over wine’s health benefits has raged on for years.  Adding to that debate is Dr. Mien-Chie Hung, president of China Medical University in Taiwan who suggests that tannins in red wine could inhibit Covid-19.

His theory is based on Taiwanese research from 2003 into SARS which, like Covid-19, is caused by a coronavirus. The research showed that pure tannic acid can inhibit two enzymes critical to SARS that are, coincidentally, also critical to Covid-19.  These two enzymes are building blocks Covid-19 needs to enter the body and without them it can inhibit the infection.

Now, don’t go chugging a bottle just yet (at least not for this reason!).  The research was centered on “pure tannic acid” which only forms part of the tannins found in red wine.  According to Dr. Hung, with all else being equal, it would take a liter of red wine to equal the inhibiting level of the pure tannic acid tested.   

Since a liter a day doesn’t fit most lifestyles, Dr. Hung acknowledged that further research is needed to see if other types of tannins found in wine could have similar effects as pure tannic acid.  But Dr. Hung agreed having a glass or two can’t hurt:  “If two people are infected by the same amount of virus, but one drinks wine and the other one doesn’t,” Dr. Hung held that “The one who drinks the tannic acid, their protection will be stronger than the other.”

So, drink up folks.  And if you’re curious which wine gives you the biggest health bang for your buck, check out our blog here (The Healthiest Wine?).  Happy Hunting!

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