by Winebounty Team| Nov 14, 2020

Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Whether you are celebrating with friends or family, or keeping it simple this year, you still have to consider what to serve.  If your home is anything like mine, wine selection plays a big part in that decision.   A Thanksgiving meal can be tricky!  It’s filled with a cornucopia of appetizers, mains, sides, and deserts.  Trying to match individual flavors or dishes can make anyone go mad.  That’s why we suggest dialing back your pairing OCD and instead look to wines that complement a wide variety of foods.  This is particularly true if you’re hosting a potluck or you have that relative who manages to bring something “interesting” they discovered how to make online.

Light-bodied red wines are always a great choice.  They’re less oaky and have a sufficient balance of fruit and acid to complement a range of dishes without overpowering them.  Some good choices might be a French Beaujolais or a Pinot Noir, possibly from Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

For white wines, you want something young, crisp, and fresh.  Three excellent choices are a Sauvignon Blanc (think New Zealand’s Marlborough region), an off-dry Gewurztraminer (from France’s Alsace region), or a Chenin Blanc (from France or South Africa).

If you need to get a little sparkly, the world is your oyster!  The acidity and effervescence of sparkling wines serve as a natural palate-cleanser, preparing you for the next course. Also, the flavors of most sparkling wines are restrained when compared to their still counterparts, making them easier to match with a variety of food.  Here’s a good one.

Feeling a little pinkish?  Young rosés are often crowd-pleasers at the Thanksgiving dinner table. They are easy to drink and have a yummy fruit flavor that almost everyone can appreciate.

Of course, these are just some fool-proof suggestions to appeal to most palettes and Thanksgiving dishes.  Bottom line, drink what you love.  It’s Thanksgiving for crying out loud!  Happy hunting!

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