by Winebounty Team| Mar 19, 2024

Hello, wine lovers!

We have some thrilling news that will have you reaching for your wine glasses. The highly anticipated Last Bottle’s Marathon Sale is around the corner, and it’s time to get those mouse-clicking fingers in shape!

What is the Last Bottle Marathon? It’s an extraordinary event where Last Bottle, a remarkable daily wine purveyor, offers a continuous stream for 2 days of hand-picked wines at unbeatable prices. It’s a unique blend of excitement, discovery, and fantastic deals – a perfect combination for all Wine Bounty enthusiasts!

The marathon begins Thursday morning, March 28th at 9am (Napa Time). That’s right, just enough time for you to get your first cup of coffee down (even if it’s Irish, no judgement here). Last Bottle will start shooting a whirlwind of wines at you to discover new regions, new flavors, and most of all, help you build an impressive wine collection for pennies on the dollar!

Okay, now for the fine print and some tips. To participate, you MUST sign up for a Last Bottle account. Don’t worry, it’s free but I wouldn’t wait till the day of the marathon or you might just miss that first, great deal.

Each day of the marathon, there’s an ‘Hour of Power’ where the offerings get even more exciting. And keep an eye out for the ‘Golden Egg’, a super-special, high-end wine that pops up at a mind-boggling price.

For shipping, Last Bottle has a unique system. During the marathon, you can hold your shipments to accumulate wines over a few days. Once you’re ready, your treasures will be shipped to your doorstep for free!

Remember, deals come and go lightening fast. To stay ahead, be sure to set up a 2-second browser refresh. It’s a race against time — and fellow wine lovers — after all.

In the Marathon FAQ, you’ll find more information to help you prepare.

So, gear up buttercup, times ticking. Remember, it’s not just about buying wine; it’s about the thrill of the chase, the joy of discovery, and the satisfaction of securing excellent wine at an excellent price.

The day of the event, click this link and keep on refreshing.

Wine Bounty’s excited to be part of this wine-filled adventure with you. And remember, you can always check back with us at our Last Bottle Past Deals Page to see what you missed.

Cheers and Happy Hunting!

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