Image courtesy of Smith Devereux
by Winebounty Team| Apr 28, 2021

As part of the launch of our new “Winery Direct” offerings, Wine Bounty had the chance to catch up with Ian Devereux White, Co-Founder of Smith Devereux in Napa Valley.  While you can learn more about Smith Devereux’s latest offerings here, we wanted to dig a little deeper and give our readers a peak behind the vines.  Here’s Ian in his own words.

1.        How would you describe your winemaking style/preference?

Eco-friendly, handmade, accessible and balanced. We want our wines to be rich and full of flavor but drinkable soon after bottling and for them to pair well with as many cuisines as possible. Our wines should be part of a great meal or story; not the only part of it!

2.        Who is your idol/mentor and how have they influenced you? 

Oh man, that’s a really hard question as I’ve had so many teachers and mentors in my life. Mistakes have been my true mentor as they have taught me more than anything. But my parents would be my mentors in terms of how to deal with my mistakes and helping me find my true north.

3.        Besides wine, what are you passionate about?

Health,  fitness, and music are big parts of my life. I’m a boxing coach and trainer and I play in a band called “High Noon.”

4.        What flavors and/or sounds remind you of home?

Fermenting grapes, cut grass, wind pushing through the trees, and pine needles.

5.        What is your favorite wine tip or advice for consumers?

Find out who is making the wines you love and get in touch with them. Give them a chance to tell you their story and give them a chance to hear yours. This industry, and wine in general, is about experience and sharing and storytelling.

6.        What is your favorite bottle in your current line up and tell us about its story?

IBEX Merlot is my favorite story to tell… but you’ll have to come to the vineyards to hear that one!

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